Stepping off

One arrow hits the center of a target with a sheet of paper with my personal objectives handwritten on it, red, blue and gray colors over white background. Achieving goals conceptual 3D render.

I’m often asked why I became an interim (coach and consultant). What was the prompt? What made you take the leap? Why? Not in the Simon Sinek find your why kind of why.

It’s not complicated.

I was at a career crossroads. I’d changed sectors in my permanent career so knew I could do it.

I’d been in professional services, law firms for eight years. I couldn’t see what to do next there.

To be honest I wasn’t enjoying the culture. 

I certainly didn’t enjoy the lack of flexibility. I asked for flexible work even though I knew it wouldn’t happen. Back then, flexible work wasn’t really a thing. I didn’t have children so couldn’t legally ask. That sucked on many levels.

I also felt I might become one of those people who’d fall out of love with their job.  I’d always been someone who loved work and didn’t want to lose that feeling. It’s a rare privilege to have it.

It was a combination of factors that led me to here.

I also wasn’t sure what an interim was when I started. I was sure I wanted to:

  • take charge of my own career
  • test my skills
  • challenge myself with a calculated career risk
  • learn new ones
  • see if I could survive and thrive
  • try

So after welcoming my third boss in six years and six months spent in an acting up role, I got myself a business name, a strapline, printed my business cards, saved some cash and resigned.

That was the start.

We all have a story. I’m always curious to know other people’s stories. What’s yours?

Hear other stories like Nicky Bliss and Deborah Brown both in my Linked In HR Interim Networking Community.

Hear me talk about all things interim with Anthony Ryland at tap’d solutions here.

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